No Disaster Faster Pasta

By Hayley • 15 Minute Meals • 8 Jan 2013

Pasta Pesto, Rosemary & Garlic ChickenWant faster pasta? Like ready in fifteen minutes? Here it is and I’ve hit the magic fifteen minutes,  finally! Well, maybe that’s technically wrong – see pesto comment. Anyway, for a total of fifteen minutes spent cooking (tonight) there was basil, beans and pasta served along with chicken with crispy, burnished, rosemary-garlic-fennel-seed loveliness.

With basil and rosemary handpicked form the garden and the basil pesto (Hey Pesto, You’re the Besto!) made fresh on the weekend, I couldn’t help but feel a slight impressed-with-myself-smugness at being clever enough to grow some vital ingredients for this one.

Let’s be honest, if I hadn’t made the pesto on the weekend there is no chance this would have happened in 15 minutes. There would just be too much going on, too many implements flying around and too little space. There was chicken in the fry pan after being coerced into a flater shape and imprinted with rosemary and fennel seeds, then beans, pasta and spinach bubbling away in the big pot, plus chopping boards with bits and pieces everywhere. As usual, a right (fun) mess.

Apparently there was a little too much pasta water resulting in a little too much liquid-pesto, which lead one fellow diner to suggest “it is a little bland”. Brave man. Otherwise it was quick, had enough greenness to suggest it may actually be (somewhat) good for you and satisfied the fussiest customer of all – a weary little person on school holidays who’s had a rather long day.

The only recommendation I have is to avoid putting the garlic (which is put in with the chicken still in skin, only slightly bruised) on to the pasta pile. Apparently it doesn’t cook all the way through…

So still no disaster recipes. Which is slightly boring, really. The first two are probably still the highlights but I feel like there needs to be a complete bomb-out or this is going to be a boring year as disasters probably make for more enjoyable stories!

So, I want disaster stories, care to share? Go on, it’s a dare!

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  1. Lloyd

    Gillian and I love a dime pesto pasta. Never dine it with home made pesto but so I think we might have to try. Loving the posts keep it up.

    • Hayley

      Hi Lloyd! Definitely give the home made pesto a try. It is so easy and the best part is you can add as much parmesan as you like…

      Glad you’re enjoying the posts – nice to know people enjoy reading about food as much as I like thinking about it!

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